There are lots of ways to simplify your lifestyle while promoting more time for family, hobbies, and your physical and financial well being.


For some a smaller home, perhaps a bungalow or townhome, would be suitable for those who still are healthy enough to enjoy doing gardening or snow removal in the winter and can still deal with trades people for repairs.


Another option would be buying a duplex or triplex to share with a friend or another family member or you could try an Active Lifestyle Community.


The beauty of a condominium apartment or townhome is the freedom from concerns about maintenance and security while you are away.  Some of the condominium apartment buildings have wonderful recreation programmes to keep you active and engaged with other owners.  For example some have coffee hours, bus trips, bridge games and full recreation areas for exercising and swimming.


If you are looking to make only one move, perhaps you should start investigating some Senior Residences.   You may find ORCAOntario Retirement Communities Association “Retirement Living - Definitions”useful.